The Back Porch

The back porch is a sanctuary. It requires a special invitation. Here we can let down our guard, sit with a whiskey, and look out into the woods.

I am a musician by training and trade, but I have a deep interest in thinking and writing. For years I have written reflections about Bach and his music, and these have grown into an interest to write about a host of things. I especially like to consider the ideas of art and craft, and how these intersect in all sorts of ways.

On the Back Porch, you will find:

  • News from the Back Porch (a semi-weekly digest of thoughts, mini-essays, and recommendations)

  • The BachTalk Podcast (interviews and deep dives into music, primarily the music of J. S. Bach)

  • Reflections (from the Bach Vespers services at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Terrace Park)

  • other random writings