BachTalk Podcast

interviews and deep dives into music, primarily the music of J. S. Bach

Episode 9: Bach's Congregation; BWV 57Listen now (55 min) | A typical church day in Leipzig; plus how the cantatas are like sausage-making
Episode 8: Bach's Work WeekListen now (39 min) | What did Bach's daily grind look like? Plus background on the motets.
Episode 7: Matthew LeeListen now (48 min) | On Bach's librettists and the world of conducting
BachTalk Podcast Episode 6: Seven Hills BaroqueListen now (30 min) | Carlton Monroe, Michael Delfín, and Joshua Bermudez
BachTalk Podcast Episode 5: Dec. 12 Vespers PreviewListen now (32 min) | Carlton Monroe and Adam Shoaff
BachTalk Podcast: Cantata 117Listen now (53 min) | Carlton Monroe, Adam Shoaff, and Kate Tombaugh
BachTalk Podcast: Cantata 97Listen now (41 min) | Carlton Monroe, Adam Shoaff, and Gerry Itzkoff
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